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30 Jun, 2021 06:28

China’s cyber strength growing & crypto billionaire reportedly dead at 41

The United States still maintains its spot as the largest economy and the top cyber-space nation, but China’s development is quickly catching up. Todd Shipley of Dark Intel joins the program to analyze the crucial cyber race and the string of ransomware attacks that have targeted the US in recent months.

Then, we turn to the housing sector, where the US market has been on fire as the Covid-19 pandemic shifts consumption trends. Octavio Marenzi of Opimus LLC offers his insight on the latest developments and the spike of inflation facing the nation.

And as a bipartisan infrastructure bill faces doubt in Congress, the nation’s water crisis drags on.
RT’s Trinity Chavez is on hand to bring us up to speed on the “developing” nation status of some of the country’s water and which parts of the US are suffering the most.

The curious case of Mircea Popescu has sparked a flood of interest after the bitcoin billionaire reportedly drowned while in Costa Rica. Jeffrey Tucker, author of ‘Liberty or Lockdown’ lends us his take on the situation and the state of cryptocurrency.

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