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23 Jan, 2021 07:01

Bitcoin sees a dip, but hope on the horizon?

Bitcoin has fallen below $30,000 in the wake of a major bull run, but it has also seen some serious institutional support. Boom Bust’s Christy Ai offers her forecast on the performance of fintech and what lies ahead for digital currencies. And now that President Biden has established plans for a national Covid-19 vaccination plan, will there be enough supply for the rollout? RT’s Natasha Sweatte joins the show from LA to bring us up to speed. Plus, some Canadian officials are launching verbal salvos at the US for its moves to axe its involvement in the Keystone XL Pipeline. RT correspondent Alex Mihailovich brings us the reaction on the ground from Toronto. And with mass social media removals in the spotlight, what will we see moving forward? Political commentator Lauren Chen gives us her insight.

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