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18 Jun, 2020 06:01

Hopeful move for Huawei? & crypto’s coronavirus surge

The United States has eased some pressure on Huawei in the name of uniform 5G standards, but will the country cede ground in this ongoing fight? We analyze the latest law regarding the Chinese telecom giant, and which major emerging economy has become the new front in the fight for 5G supremacy. Plus, the Federal Aviation Administration is once again facing heat in the wake of the deadly Boeing 737 MAX controversy. We take a look at the grilling that the agency’s head faced on Capitol Hill and the future of regulation in the aviation sector. And as concerns continue to mount about the state of economies and central banks amid the Covid-19 fallout, some eyes are turning to the cryptocurrency market to provide stability in uncertain times. We examine the rise of financial technology and how lawmakers plan to deal with emerging advancements in the sector.

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