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13 Sep, 2019 08:36

Breaking down Binance & China’s pork plans

There may be at least a little relief for China’s pork problem as trade tensions have eased in light of its talks with the United States. Fred Kaufman, author of ‘Bet the Farm,’ joins the show to give an outlook on pork in the People’s Republic. Plus, as regulators across the world are taking action against tech giants, Facebook is facing another hurdle in Europe. Cryptocurrency analyst Ben Swann joins us to explain France’s heat on Libra. Plus, Purdue Pharma has reached a tentative settlement in the ever-growing opioid crisis, but regulators and residents of the affected areas are skeptical. Mollye Barrows, contributor to America’s Lawyer, is on hand to break down the latest moves in the epidemic. And we take you back to Singapore, where Christy Ai managed to catch up with Wei Zhou, the CFO of the Binance Exchange to give an industry outlook on the sector.

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