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China rushes 5G in Russia & a-pork-alypse on the horizon?

While Huawei has come under fire from Western nations, it has found open arms in the Russian Federation. RT correspondent Ilya Petrenko is on the ground in St. Petersburg at the economic forum where Presidents Xi and Putin will convene. And while China is facing pressure from the US, there is more bad news on the economic front as a plague of major proportions is taking its toll on swine stock. RT correspondent Alex Mihailovich takes a look at what’s in store for hog populations the world over. And finally, the US has Cuba in its crosshairs yet again, and the economic pain is being felt 90 miles to the north. John Kavulich of the US-China Trade and Economic Council lends us a hand to see how cruise stocks are faring in the choppy economic waters.

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