Fillon ousts Sarkozy in upset primary

Former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon pulled off an upset primary victory against Nicolas Sarkozy, shaking up the country’s presidential election. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that she will seek re-election in 2017. Edward Harrison has details on both stories. Bianca Facchinei takes a look at a new report saying Facebook’s profits could be negatively affected due to the recent public focus on “fake news.” Chris Versace, CIO of Tematica Research, joins Ameera to break down some of the possible economic outcomes of a Trump presidency.

Jim Rickards, author of new book “The Road to Ruin,” discusses why he believes the economic models the “global elite” subscribe to are wrong, and what this means for the world. In The Big Deal, Ashlee Banks sits down with Edward to discuss the future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as the Vietnamese prime minister says he will not submit the trade deal to his government for ratification.

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