Saudi oil still gushing despite glut

The number of prospective UK home buyers has drastically fallen in the month since the unprecedented Brexit vote, and Saudi Arabia pumped a record amount of oil in July, despite a worldwide oil glut. Ameera David has the details on both stories. Bianca Facchinei then has the latest on Macy’s decision to close 100 of its US department stores, and Alex Mihailovich delivers another round of dismal data out of Canada.

After the break, Former Congressman Ron Paul tells Ameera that he sees Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson as the only sensible option in the 2016 US election, even though he has yet to formally endorse him. And finally, in The Big Deal, Ashlee Banks examines Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s campaign platform, which in many ways resembles that of former candidate Bernie Sanders.

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