The Best of Boom Bust in Cuba

It’s the best of Boom Bust’s Cuba week, as Ameera David recaps the weeklong trip to the island that is on the verge of historic change.

First, Bianca Facchinei takes a look at the impact of sanctions on the island’s economy, and what can be expected for the country going forward. Ameera David then sits down with University of Havana economics professor Juan Triana Barros to hear about Cuban socialism and the difficulties new entrepreneurs face as they enter relatively unknown territory. Ameera then heads to Havana manufacturing company Adorgraf, where she finds out how small Cuban companies are making their way onto the international stage. Jose Luis Rodriguez Garcia, the former minister of economy and planning, then gives his take on why he would like to see foreign investment in his country TRIPLE. And finally, Bianca heads to the Port of Mariel, a special economic zone that is transforming Cuban trade.

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