Boom Bust goes to Cuba

Shares for gun makers are soaring, propelled by the belief that calls for more gun control will actually drive up demand. Manuel Rapalo takes a look. Edward Harrison is then joined from Las Vegas to discuss what technologies are vying for attention this week at the Consumer Electronics Show.

After the break, Erin Ade kicks off Boom Bust’s Cuba week by sitting down with John Kavulich, senior policy adviser at the US-Cuba Trade and Economics Council, to talk about the effects of easing sanctions on the island nation. Ameera David examines the booming tourist industry in Cuba being aided by the likes of Airbnb and other technologies. Finally, Bianca Facchinei interviews Jorge Legra, the director of strategic programs for marketing and communication at the state-owned ETECSA, about relaxing of internet restrictions and how this may help the country economically.

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