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EXCLUSIVE: DiMartino Booth - ‘Fed awakens, but watch their balance sheet’

So the Fed’s gone and done it. They have raised interest rates for the first time in nine years - after seven years at effectively zero percent. Edward Harrison discusses.

Then, Danielle DiMartino Booth, chief market strategist at The Liscio Report, joins Edward to talk about Wednesday’s much anticipated decision by the Federal Reserve. The exclusive here is Danielle’s focus on reverse repos and the Fed’s balance sheet instead of the hike. She thinks the Fed is late to hike and could be forced to keep its balance sheet at its present gargantuan size for some time to come. It now has the tools to do so.

After the break, David Beckworth, an associate professor of economics at Western Kentucky University, explains why he thinks deflation, specifically in the case of Japan, is such a problem to deal with, and what takeaways the Fed can draw from the Japanese experience.

Finally, in The Big Deal, yesterday, RT Correspondent Simone Del Rosario broke down the government’s ongoing anti-encryption escapades. She did a whole special on that topic: Cyber insecurity: How can hackers, whistleblowers, and privacy co-exist?  Check it out

In today’s Big Deal, Simone tells us how the Fed’s rate hike hits your pocketbook, what to look out for, and how you can avoid paying more.

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