European refugee crisis, fiscal policy in the British Isles

We’re now one step closer to seeing this year’s biggest media deal come to fruition. AT&T is expected to get the green light in its attempt to acquire Direct TV in a $48.5 billion merger. In recent months, some questioned whether the deal would get the regulatory approval it needed to move forward. Ameera David weighs in.

Ameera sits down with Frances Coppola – blogger at “Coppola Comment” and contributor to Forbes and the Financial Times. Frances tells us how Greeks will deal with having to sell €50 billion worth of assets and gives us her take on how well privatization will work for Greece.

After the break, Bianca Facchinei takes a look at the growing migrant crisis facing Europe. In June, European governments promised to help Greece and Italy by housing 40,000 refugees and fielding asylum claims over the next two years. But by Monday, they hadn’t lived up to their promises.

Ameera and Erin Ade discuss the four people involved in a complex securities fraud scheme, tied to the computer hackings of JP Morgan Chase and other financial institutions.

And in The Big Deal, Ameera and Edward Harrison talk about Ireland and the UK. After years of austerity, Ireland has garnered some fiscal space and is now deciding what to do with its budget. Meanwhile, the UK is poised to begin austerity in earnest for the first time since the financial crisis.

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