​Rising US mortgage rates and the Canadian housing slowdown

Americans’ combined wealth set a fresh record in Q1! That’s according to a recently released Federal Reserve report that now puts total American wealth at $84.9 trillion. That number was calculated by looking at the value of homes, stocks, and other assets minus debts and other liabilities. According to the report, those factors caused net worth to rise by about $1.6 trillion between January and March of this year. Boom Bust’s Ameera David weighs in.

Ameera then sits down with RT correspondent Lindsay France to talk about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The House of Representatives delivered a blow, though perhaps a temporary one, to President Obama's fast track bill on Friday.

Bianca Facchinei takes a look at the infamously secretive Bilderberg meeting, which kicked off in Austria on Thursday – much to the dismay of ardent critics, who believe its purpose is to plan a world government.

In The Big Deal, Ameera is joined by Edward Harrison to discuss Canada’s housing prices. Edward interprets the recent data released and tells us why places like Toronto and Vancouver haven’t succumbed to the same fate. They also discuss what impact the recent rise in US mortgage rates will have on the US economy

To wrap up, RT correspondent Anya Parampil takes a look at the revolving door between government and business in the United States.

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