Galbraith on Greek austerity as punishment, Rule on oil market death

After years of deferring income, George Soros may be looking at a $6.7 billion tax bill, having made billions by using loopholes that allowed him to defer taxes on fees paid by clients. Erin weighs in. James Galbraith, author of ‘Inequality and Instability: A Study of the World Economy Just Before the Great Crisis’, tells us what he expects to happen next in Greece and if Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is part of the problem. Then, Carly Fiorina’s presidential run, Chrysler’s college program, Venezuela’s energy crisis and the success of live-streaming apps during the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Rick Rule, CEO of Sprott US Holdings, tells us how just the expectations of lifted sanctions on Iran are affecting global oil markets. And in The Big Deal, Erin and Edward discuss the wise words of elderly investors Warren Buffet and Soros.

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