Bruce Schneier says ‘Encryption makes internet safer’, Celente on the economy

In 2009, Alibaba managed to turn November 11 into ‘Singles Day’, China’s version of Valentine's Day, creating an online shopping festival and harboring hopes to take that success global. Erin weighs in. Bruce Schneier, noted author, cryptologist, and fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Security and Harvard Law School, gives his take on President Obama’s recent statement on net neutrality and explains why encryption is vital to personal security and privacy. Gerald Celente, author and publisher of Trends Journal, says despite a drop in both unemployment rates and jobless claims and increase in GDP, midterm exit polls demonstrated just 1 percent of voters thought the economy was “excellent.” And in the Big Deal, Erin and Edward Harrison talk Alibaba, net neutrality, Uber, and smartphone applications that can spot designer knockoffs.

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