​Drilling deep for oil: Alpert, Barnett, Katusa, and Verleger

Today, it’s all about oil and gas. We have brought in four expert panelists to discuss the current situation in recently volatile oil and gas markets in several contexts. The panel of four includes: Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist at Casey Research; Daniel Alpert, Managing Partner at Westwood Capital; Rob Barnett, Senior Energy Economist at Bloomberg Government; and Philip Verleger, Owner & President of PKVerleger LLC.

First, oil has been priced in dollars for decades. However, with the growing power of emerging markets, there is an undercurrent of discussion that dollar hegemony in oil markets might not last. Will countries like China, Russia and Brazil move away from the dollar. Our panelists weigh in.

The price of oil has dropped precipitously, with Brent Crude falling over $30 in the last few months. Why is oil falling so drastically and so suddenly and when will the drop stop? The panelists comment on who the winners and losers are.

After the break, RT correspondent Paula Slier comes to us from Iraq, where fighting has been intensifying. The panelists tell us whether Iraq really matters in a world of excess capacity and what we should really be watching for in the Middle East.

Finally, the panel also talks about the huge opportunity in natural gas. While transportation infrastructure is still heavily geared to oil, fuel switching opportunities are increasing. With natural gas resources plentiful and cheap, this fuel could be the alternative energy source of note, even more than wind or solar power.

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