Steve Hanke talks Argentine debt & Karl Denninger on wearables & Fed policy

On Thursday, Facebook’s stock sky-rocketed as much as 7.6 percent to an intra-day high of almost $77, giving the company a total market cap of $197 billion. That's equivalent to the combined values of both UPS and American Express! When measured by market cap, Facebook is now the 14th most valuable company in the S&P500. In order to surpass a market capitalization for $200 billion, the stock would need to a hit $77.94, which it could very well do. Erin weighs in.

Dr. Steve Hanke sat down with Erin to talk about the serious debt problems Argentina faces. Hanke goes into the details and gives some history about Argentina’s debt problems. Then after the break, Erin sits down with libertarian blogger Karl Denninger to discuss wearable technology, security, and monetary policy.

In today’s Big Deal, it’s Tech Thursday! Erin talks with Edward Harrison about Uber moving into Asia, the Apple-IBM deal, and Amazon’s mobile wallet application. Check it out!

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