Pippa Malmgren sees future US growth & Chris Martenson talks energy + food costs

Under new rules announced by the Internal Revenue Service on Wednesday, if folks with offshore bank accounts don’t disclose those accounts to the IRS by August, then they will face dramatically steeper penalties than if they just fessed-up to holding those accounts a couple months ago. Erin takes a look.

Then, Erin sits down with Dr. Pippa Malmgren, the founder and president of the DPRM Group, to get her views on the future of the US economy, stock market valuation and inflation. After the break, Erin speaks to Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity about the affect rising energy costs have on food.

In today’s Big Deal, Erin sits down with Reema Abu Hamdieh of RT Arabic to get a handle on what is happening politically in the Arab world after the Arab Spring. Take a look!

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