Dennis Gartman talks US jobs, Ukraine, China and European Bailouts

Our lead story: Remember the CDO, or collateralized-debt-obligation? It was that nifty little financial instrument that got us into serious hot water ahead of the financial crisis. Its cousin, the CLO or collateralized loan obligation is picking up where the CDO left off. Erin takes a look.

Then financial expert Dennis Gartman of “The Gartman Letter” is back on the show to tackle a wide range of subjects. Gartman gives his view about the US job and wage situation and what Federal Reserve policy might look like in the coming months. He also talks about global markets and geopolitics, at Ukraine, Russia and Europe, and also weighs in on China’s growth and the likelihood of a hard landing.

For today’s “Big Deal,” Edward Harrison and Erin talk about Portugal’s exit from the bailout program, opting to rely on markets for future funding. Good news or not? Edward gives you his view.

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