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Big Tech v Big Brother: Capitalizing on ‘free’ speech

Holland Cooke hosts a panel discussion between legal and media analyst Lionel and investigative journalist Ben Swann about the ever-growing influence of tech companies as our world becomes increasingly intertwined with that of e-commerce and surveillance capitalism. Amid the deluge of fake news and digital scams, how DO we separate meaningful content from online noise? And as social media giants are tip-toeing the line between “platform” and “publisher,” SHOULD these companies be held to antitrust laws the way railway and oil tycoons once were? With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s officially time to ramp up holiday cheer! Holland Cooke and Into Tomorrow radio host Dave Graveline count down this year’s top-five tech gifts that are sure to make their way onto wish lists nationwide. While gadgets like smartphones and tablets remain seasonal heavyweights, an emerging trend of gifting streamable or downloadable content may just leave your stockings and gift baskets noticeably skinnier this year…

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Podcast https://soundcloud.com/rttv/sets/the-big-picture