Bernie Sanders: Old establishment politics won’t work

In tonight’s progressive roundtable, Thom and his guests discuss Bernie Sanders and his thoughts on establishment politics. At the DNC meeting in Minneapolis, Sanders says old establishment politics and old establishment economics will not work. And the question still remains…is Joe Biden going to run for president? Democratic insiders don’t think so, but is there any truth to the reports of him mulling a presidential bidf? Then Katherine Culliton Gonzalez, Director of Voter Protection at the Advancement Project joins our panel to talk about voter suppression. Alabama is planning to close most of their DMV offices where voters apply and get their voter IDs. Then later in the show, the panel discuss Rand Paul and his comment on changing the “Black Lives Matter” name to “All Lives Matter” or “Innocent Lives Matter.” And hedge fund managers are taking over Baltimore, buying up people’s small debts and charging predatory interest rates on those debts.