Behind the Trump-stone split

Tonight on The Big Picture, Thom talks with Mark Ames, Senior Editor at Pando Daily about the Donald Trump and Roger Stone split. Mark breaks down the relationship between the two and reveals interesting points about the Trump campaign. Then lawyer and host of Ring of Fire Radio, Mike Papantonio joins Thom to talk about former KKK leader David Duke’s support for Trump. Is Trump the candidate for white supremacists?

And state and county officials in Kansas are blocking the release of voting machine logs to Wichita State University. Mathematician Beth Clarkson, who has requested these records under the Kansas Open Records Act, talks to Thom about this case and what could be wrong with voting machines in Kansas. In tonight’s Green Report, Patty Lovera talks to Thom about the use of pesticides and filmmaker Monica Ord tells us about her new film, “Chloe & Theo,” which highlights the story of Theo Ikummaq, who travels from his home in the Arctic to speak to world leaders about the impact of climate change.