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14 May, 2024 05:51

The top freedom fighters around the world


Dan Wootton, journalist and presenter, has just come out with a list of the 50 biggest freedom fighters around the world today. Wootton, who has himself been canceled, included many people who were subjects of cancel culture and came to fight for their beliefs. Of course, this list is all personal opinion, no poll was taken, and even in the comments below his initial post he agrees it’s quite subjective and there are many people he probably could have included instead. However, one fact remains true from this list. All these names are from Western countries, or so-called first-world countries, who supposedly represent the free world. As we look at Tik Tok bans, governments partnering with social media companies for censorship, it raises the question: Has turmoil in politics and the rise of unfiltered social media made us more or less free? The Biden administration reached out to Twitter and Facebook to suppress information about Hunter Biden’s laptop and conservative political speech in particular, a move that landed them in hot water with the US Supreme Court. On this episode of 360 View, Scottie Nell Hughes asks her panel (Jamarl Thomas, Political Analyst and Radio Host; Tom Norton, Chairman American PAC; Lionel, Media Analyst) for their comments on who should be considered global freedom fighters and if the list has any relevance to the Global South.