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26 Mar, 2024 06:41

Alabama IVF ruling


Republicans are facing another political headache in the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, this time involving in vitro fertilization procedures, that could spell disaster for the party heading into the 2024 election. The latest hurdle comes out of Alabama after the state Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are legally children and the destruction of embryos constitutes a crime under the state’s “wrongful death of a minor” law. In response to the significant backlash, lawmakers in both chambers of the Alabama legislature have filed bills to clarify the state law related to embryos created via IVF. In this episode of 360 View, Scottie Nell Hughes debates with her panel (Steve Abramowicz, Host, Mill Creek View; Desi K. Robinson, Health Professor, Doula, Media Analyst) about the ruling and the morality of deciding when life begins.