Truth of war: Georgian journalist fears for his life

A Georgian journalist claims he had to seek political asylum in Russia because of his articles about the war in South Ossetia.

Levan Gudadze says his website was the first to accuse President Saakashvili of starting the conflict. He claims to have received threats and therefore had to flee the country in fear of his life.

In an interview with RT, Gudadze says he still does not feel entirely safe:

“It's not serious to think that the Saakashvili regime has anything to do with democracy. It's impossible to compare the situation in Georgia with what is going on here. My prime concern in the past months was the safety of my family.”

“I do not know what is going to happen next, but I hope to resume work soon. I don't rule out that, if given the order, Georgia's security services could make an attempt on my life, but I try not to think about it,” Gudadze added.