Should the U.S. trade missiles for world leadership?

The New York Times has proposed a “bargain” in which Russia helps stop Iran from creating a nuclear weapon and the U.S. becomes the unquestionable world leader.

Three security experts, writing for the newspaper, suggested that after taking office in January, Barack Obama should suspend or even cancel plans to set up a missile defence system in Eastern Europe.

They urged the future president to “adopt a more cautious stance as far as admitting into NATO the countries that Russia views as part of its zone of influence.”

According to article, in return, Russia should agree to join the West’s tougher stance against Iran’s nuclear programme and stop supplying the country with weapons.

If Russia accepts the deal, Barack Obama could “put the threat of military intervention back on the table” as an argument for Iran to halt enrichment activities.

The three experts argued that all sides would benefit from the deal, stressing that as a result the U.S. would once again become the world leader.

Russia has repeatedly opposed UN sanctions on Iran.