Russian PM proposes new cabinet list

Russia`s Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov has met with the President in Sochi to discuss the new cabinet. This was the first time the two have met since Mr Zubkov was appointed to the post last Friday.

The cabinet under Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov was dismissed on September 12, after Mr Fradkov asked the President to dismiss him from the post.

All members of the government remain in their positions until the formation of a new cabinet.

Mr Zubkov has put together a preliminary list of candidates, which President Putin has now to review. According to the Russian constitution the list has to be finalised seven days after the appointment of a new prime minister, while the cabinet has to be formed within 30 days. 

“The preliminary list of the cabinet will be finalised within a timeframe prescribed by law – within seven days following my appointment. I have handed over to the President my proposals on the formation of the new cabinet. We had a conversation and the President is now studying the document,”
Viktor Zubkov stated. 

Anatoly Serdyukov
Anatoly Serdyukov

So far the names in the list are unknown.

Meanwhile, the Russian acting Defence Minister, Anatoly Serdyukov, who is the new Prime Minister’s close relative, has filed a request for dismissal from his post. The President has now to consider the request.

“I had a conversation with the acting Defense Minister. You know he is my close relative. I have talked to him today and due to being my close relative he submitted his resignation to the President,”
Mr Zubkov explained.