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10 Feb, 2010 13:38

“Russian-Indian relations – unique phenomenon”

Joint defense deals and new aircraft development with India are on the cards as Vladimir Putin prepares for his visit to New Delhi. Russian ambassador to India Aleksandr Kadakin told RT about Russian-Indian relations.

“We have always attached the highest importance to our cooperation and interaction with India. And it was like that even before the independence of India”, the ambassador said, adding “all these years our strategic partnership with India has been a cornerstone of Russia’s foreign policy.”

He noted that “for the last five years the ties have become much more mature, because we have always cooperated very closely in such crucial areas as defense and space industries. Qualitatively our relations have risen to a better level.”

“Our two countries have their fundamental national interests, which coincide. We want to build a better future for our nations, we want to achieve better results in our economic development, we together want to develop democracy, we want the world to be quieter place to live and more comfortable place to live, and we also share the same concerns, as regards the situation in South Asia and in and our joint assessment of the scourge which is international terrorism – these things unite us,” Aleksandr Kadakin claimed.

He also believes that “the Russian-Indian relationship has been and remains a unique example in the diplomatic history of the last century and of today’s century,” adding “We have been always together and this is a unique phenomenon, when the nations, the people have such strong attachment and affection for each other.”

Concerning next month’s visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the ambassador said, “It will herald a deeper understanding between the two leaders.”