Russia welcomes PACE resolution

Russia will fully retain its rights at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The Russian delegation's head Konstantin Kosachev welcomed the resolution, saying it offers hope for future dialogue.

“All the discussion here in the Parliamentary Assembly during the last year was based on the false ground that Georgia was an innocent victim of Russia. That version was wrong and I hope the future discussion here will be much more adequate. Today’s decision is the first signal,” Konstantin Kosachev told RT.

Kosachev explained that the Parliamentary Assembly should now first of all concentrate on the humanitarian side of the problem in South Ossetia, and this is where Russia-Georgia cooperation would be very helpful.

“In case Russia and Georgia would start cooperating on these human aspects, we will avoid any further political contradictions as well. Unfortunately, this is not the case yet and here in the Assembly the Georgian delegation denies any options of at least communicating with the Russian delegation, and by that we miss a chance of working out mutually acceptable political solutions,” Kosachev said.