Russia & China need each other: Medvedev

Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev has taken questions from Beijing University students and outlined his ideas on science and education at the end of his two-day visit to China. Medvedev stressed that the future depends on a strong and vibrant Russia-Chin

During his speech in Beijing University, Medvedev stressed the importance of co-operation between the two countries.

“The relations between our countries have reached a totally new level in terms of intensity and quality. It’s important that they are based on mutual understanding and trust”.

Medvedev also pointed out that the UN’s role should be to resolve international problems.

“Russia and China have similar views on democracy: we believe that international law cannot be violated and that the role of the UN is crucial. Of course we agree that the organisation may be modernised due to changes of time, but this should only improve its efficiency and strengthen its opportunities to respond to modern challenges and threats”.

Earlier, Medvedev and his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao have signed a number of agreements, including a one-billion-dollar deal to build a nuclear energy plant.

Both leaders criticised U.S. plans to set up a missile defence system in Europe, saying it undermines world stability.