“Russia will never participate in a military operation in Afghanistan”

With the situation in Afghanistan showing no sign of improvement, NATO and the US are increasingly seeking the help of Russia. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksey Borodavkin spoke with RT on the issue.

“Russia is trying to contribute to finding a solution to the challenges that Afghanistan faces – first of all, terror and drug trafficking. The new history of Afghanistan which began in 2001 is also a new page in our relationship,” Aleksey Borodavkin says. “We would like to back Afghans in the restoration of their economy, to help them create new jobs, first of all for young people, and in this way to create opportunities for peaceful life in Afghanistan, in order that people may work, earn money, provide for their families and renounce the old consuming culture of war that is regrettably currently prevalent in Afghanistan.”

He has added that though the Russian Foreign Ministry rarely uses the word “never” in their diplomatic practice, it is appropriate in this case – the Russian Federation has never considered a possibility of participation in military operations in Afghanistan.