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Putin warns against `scavenging jackals`

President Putin has warned against attempts to restore the influence of the oligarchs in Russia. He told thousands of supporters in Moscow that the power-hungry tycoons had not gone away. He said they remained in the wings, waiting for an opportunity to r

The rally was organised at the Luzhniki sports arena by the For Putin movement ahead of the parliamentary election on December 2.

Addressing the crowd, Vladimir Putin said that over the past eight years Russia’s GDP has increased by 70 % and the combined capitalisation of Russian companies has grown 30 times.

Putin attributed the achievement to the ruling United Russia party, whose electoral list he heads. 

He promised more changes for the better if voters support the party in the December ballot, and warned of negative consequences if they don’t. 

One of these, he claimed, might be the return of oligarchic rule in the country.

“Unfortunately there are people in our country who are scavenging like jackals at foreign embassies, hoping to receive support from foreign funds and governments rather than the support of their own people,” he said, adding that this won’t last long:

“Soon they’ll be out in the streets. They’ve learned a lot from western specialists about provoking revolutions in neighbouring republics, and now they want to create incidents here as well. We won’t let this happen.”

While President Putin was stressing the importance of the parliamentary ballot, most in the crowd were concerned with the presidential vote. 

The movement, which claims to have more than 30 million members around the country, wants Putin to remain in power after the end of his term. The only question is in what capacity? 

Among the options discussed are as speaker of parliament, prime minister and even a presidential spouse. One group has suggested nominating Putin’s wife, Ludmila, to run for president claiming this would allow Putin to continue exerting his influence on the country’s political life. 

The idea, however, hasn't found many supporters. 

Many supporters praise Vladimir Putin for topping the United Russia ballot. They also say the only thing better than this would be to continue leading not only the party, but the entire country.

These people claim Russia has its own unique way in many things, especially in politics.