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Putin files documents for registration as presidential candidate

Vladimir Putin has personally submitted to the Central Election Commission a package of documents required for his registration as a presidential candidate in the March 4 election.
­The Central Election Commission now has five days to consider the papers and check them for compliance with procedural rules and 10 days to take a decision on registration. In accordance with the law, the package includes the nominating party’s documents, his written accord to run, revenue declarations for the last four years and some others. Putin was informed that within the next few days, the Central Election Commission will also consider the registration of his plenipotentiary representatives and the opening of the election campaign bank account.During the United Russia party congress on September 24, President Dmitry Medvedev announced that he supported Putin’s candidacy for the forthcoming presidential election. On November 27, a second party convention endorsed Vladimir Putin’s nomination. Putin has become the first politician to submit an official request for registration in the presidential poll. Other potential candidates who have announced their intention to run include the head of the Communist Party, Gennady Zyuganov, Lib Dems leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Sergey Mironov, who heads the left-center Fair Russia party and Eduard Limonov, leader of the unregistered Other Russia party.