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27 May, 2009 11:51

North Korea Memorial Day greetings

When the news junkies were busily familiarizing themselves with the unfolding Talibanization of Pakistan, North Korea has suddenly resurfaced from obscurity with a big bang, says RT military analyst Eugene Khrushchev.

Adding insult to injury, Pyongyang defiantly poked Washington in the eye with its ill-conceived nuclear missile teaser – exactly on Memorial Day occasion.

Final fallout

• For the UN, it’s a déjà vu reminder that resolutions, however tough or conciliatory, are definitely not a substitute for crisis’ solutions, especially for recalcitrant regimes.

• For the US, it’s a wakeup call that its unilateral puissance is morphing into rhetorical impotence, unable to foresee & forestall the looming challenges on the global stage with a stale second-hand plate of sticks & carrots.

• For NATO/EU/OSCE, it’s yet another embarrassing piece of evidence of their blatant irrelevance in crisis management all over the world. They love to ‘observe’ trouble-making, playing games in Georgia & Kosovo, but they abhor doing the troubleshooting where it really matters: Darfur, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, or, God forbid, Pakistan and North Korea.
The silver lining

It could have been Pakistan, but it’s North Korea that can facilitate the review of friend-or-foe formulae in international relations, on which I had already blogged before.

If the new US Administration has the wisdom & guts to steer clear from Brzezinski pathological anti-Russian heritage, it might as well participate in creating the genuine Quartet Coalition of the Willing: Russia & America and China & India.

Thanks to Pyongyang, these days anything is possible – sooner rather than later.