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20 Mar, 2010 16:37

“Rally of Wrath” demands action from the government

Thousands of Russians have taken to the streets to participate in so-called “Day of Wrath” opposition rallies all over the country.

Those who oppose the current social and economic policies of the government are demanding protection of their constitutional rights. RT has been reporting from one of the rallies in Moscow.

Protesters, who are wearing stickers that say “We are against the authority’s actions,” have spoken out against the lawlessness in Russia’s road police and a car tax increase.

The Federation of Car Owners of Russia, which kicked off the protest, has in fact put forward a whole package of demands before the government.

The package includes the demand to fix endemic corruption in Russia’s road police and to review the law on annual car tax. In Russia, the bigger the engine, the more a motorist has to pay and protesters say it is unfair.

“I wanted to buy a better car, a Ford Focus with a better engine, but now I cannot afford it,” one of the protestors said.

The good news is that the law on car tax could be revised. The proposal on including the car tax into the price of patrol is now being considered by the Russian government.

Another demand of the protesters is to improve the situation with the road police in the country. People freely talk about how little they trust the police and how easy it is to bribe them.

“We want the police to look not at the person’s wallet first and then decide whom to blame in a car accident, because that is what so often happens,” said one of the protesters.

Rally participators say that if their voice is not heard they might start a vote of no confidence in the government.