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27 Feb, 2008 16:39

Medvedev’s rivals gear up for Sunday’s election

While Dmitry Medvedev campaigned in Nizhny-Novgorod other candidates were busy back here in Moscow. But as campaigning comes to a close, things are getting heated between some of the presidential hopefuls while others are sticking to the issues.

According to Kremlin hopeful, Andrey Bogdanov, fellow candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky is on the rampage again, warning Bogdanov to keep an eye out.

“Today after a debate Zhirinovsky came up to me and told me to watch my back. He told me there are people on the sidelines, who want to even the score. I mean, God forbid, but if anything will but if will happen to anyone close to me, I will shoot him like a mad hound,” presidential candidate Andrey Bogdanov said.
Bogdanov is suing Zhirinovsky for Political extremism and hooliganism.

Last week Zhirinovsky got carried away during a debate when he began attacking Bogdanov’s representative.

Zhirinovsky showed little remorse for his actions, but then people are used to him using his fists to put his point across.
But other candidates still prefer more traditional means.

Russian communist leader, Gennady Zyuganov, says he’s happy with the results of his campaign, during which he encouraged voters to use the little time left to concentrate on their choice.
“The next two or three years will decide our fate for many years to come, and it’s important that we all understand that,” presidential candidate Gennady Zyuganov said.

But what and how much Russians really understand will only become clear when they make their choice on Sunday.