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6 Jun, 2008 05:37

Medvedev meets Ukraine’s President

During his meeting with Dmitry Medvedev, Viktor Yushchenko has emphasised that both countries want better relations. The two leaders seemed determined to overcome those difficulties and try to work out joint policy.

Medvedev: I’m glad that we’re meeting again, we always have things to discuss, the agenda is full. As usual we don’t have that much time, such is life. I wanted to ask you though – how was your trip to Solovetski Islands?

Yushchenko: Thanks a lot, Dmitry Anatolievich, it’s an honour for me to talk to you here, we'll discuss all the issues, they have been piling up lately in the Russian-Ukrainian relations, especially since we're two countries that are strategic partners. We are neighbouring countries, and there are many things to discuss and resolve. There is no secret in that, because we are neighbours who form their relations in many different directions. Naturally, certain difficulties are involved. So I would like to thank you again for making this meeting possible – we will resolve all the issues that are on the agenda in the area of relations between our countries.

Medvedev: So how was your trip?

Yushchenko: It is an amazing place in terms of history as well as spirituality. I am still under the impression, I think I will still need to spend some time just thinking about my experience there. Very special place, very special.

Medvedev: This is a place where destinies of different people connected – this is a place of our tragedy, a place that is also a memorial for all nations living in our land.