Medvedev meets Moldova’s President

Moldova’s President was the first to meet Medvedev. Vladimir Voronin brought some good news for Medvedev and his home city of St Petersburg. Moldova’s police had found two pieces of art stolen from the Hermitage back in

Medvedev: Vladimir Nikolaevich, today we have an opportunity to exchange information about how bilateral co-operation is developed, to talk about how political dialogue between Russia and Moldova is constructed. Much has been done lately, which is encouraging. But there are issues that always come up within the framework of economic and trade co-operation, which we can discuss. Of course, we will talk about certain problems, and I mean the Transdniester issue, we will discuss the issue of humanitarian co-operation, shortly discuss all the issues on today’s agenda.

Voronin: Thank you very much. Again I would like to congratulate you, and wish well to Russia’s people. I came to St. Petersburg with good news. Our police were conducting an investigation for a year and a half on one case. And 2 days ago we found two paintings out that were stolen from the Hermitage in 2006. They were discovered in Moldova ready to be sold. We confiscated these paintings, will have to keep them until the case is closed and then we will return them where they belong – to the Hermitage.

Medvedev: That is good news, especially when you say it in these walls, great news, thank you.

Voronin: It happened three days ago, and we are glad we were able to do it and return the paintings