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7 Jun, 2008 08:44

Medvedev meets Kyrgyz President

President Medvedev has continued his one-on-one meetings with CIS leaders. On Saturday he had a comprehensive conversation with Kyrgyz President Bakiev. During the meeting Bakiev emphasised that the countries’ economic ties have recently reached a new lev

DM: Dear Kurmanbek Salievich, I'm glad to have this meeting, this chance to see each other and discuss Russian-Kirgiz co-operation, we have many interesting common projects, some of them show good advancement, some of the questions we will discuss now. The trade co-operation develops dynamically, now – for the past year – the trade between our countries increased around 50% which is good for both the Russian economy and the Kirghiz economy, this is absolutely a positive result of our work. I'd like to thank you for chairing the CIS, for the mission you now accomplish and for the attentive attitude, including our proposition concerning the new meeting of the CIS member-countries. I think it went fine and yesterday we had a good discussion of it with our colleagues.

KB: Thank you, Dmitry Anatolievich. First of all I'd like to sincerely congratulate you once again with the accession to the post of the president of Russian Federation and wish you success on this responsible position. Russia takes a special place in Kyrgyzstan foreign policy and all in all in the economic policy of Kyrgyzstan. We think our relationship with Russian Federation is of prime importance. And adding to what has already been said, the result of our economic co-operation is the growth of trade first of all, and if earlier we spoke a lot about our relations and what needed to be done, in the last few years is being put into reality. I mean the advancement of some joint projects, I think the results will be visible soon.

DM: I'm sure about it.