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9 Sep, 2008 01:15

Media verdict - Medvedev-Sarkozy meeting a success

Monday's meeting between Russian and French Presidents and the EU delegation in Moscow has attracted a lot of media attention. Online editions of world newspapers have given analysis of the summit’s outcome and its future consequences.

Telegraph.co.uk praises the effort of the French President and hails the result he managed to achieve: “France is taking a lead role in talks as it currently holds the presidency of the European Union. The French leader defended himself against criticism that he and other European leaders had been too placatory towards Moscow, saying the original ceasefire brokered on August 12 serves as an example for conflict resolution around the world.

The Arab News newspaper says mediation by Nicolas Sarkozy in the Russia-Georgia conflict is indicative of the fear Europe feels after the military action: “The visit to Moscow and the Georgian capital Tbilisi by French President Nicolas Sarkozy accompanied by the EU’s Secretary-General Manuel Barroso and its ”Foreign Minister“ Javier Solana demonstrates how worried the Europeans are about Russia’s incursion in Georgia. The EU’s immediate aim is to get the Russians to pull their forces back to pre-conflict positions. But there’s a far more serious objective than peace between Russia and Georgia. Russia’s refusal to pull back its forces has shocked the Europeans profoundly. They fear that Russia is becoming isolationist and is embarked on a course of reckless self-interest that could be dangerous for Europe itself”.

The online edition of India's National Newspaper The Hindu says despite criticism of Russia Europe still has to take into account Russia’s tough stance: “A key summit between Russia and the European Union on Monday ended with a triumphant victory for Moscow. Mr Sarkozy had to admit that Europe, which denounced Russia’s move to recognise Georgia’s territories can do little about it. He said talks in Geneva scheduled for next month would deal only with ”security for South Ossetia and Abkhazia”.