Interview with Vladimir Pligin

Russian State Duma deputy Vladimir Pligin, who sits on the Constitutional Law Committee, explained to RT why he voted for the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhasia.

Why have you voted for the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhasia?

The State Duma discussed these questions and made an application to the President of the Russian Federation about acknowledge of the independnce of those two states. It was a rather dramatic discussion in the state Duma with participants who were witnesses to the situation.

Do you think that the two aspirant nations will be accepted by a substantial number of governments?

It is very difficult to predict the situation. But I believe that our task now is to indicate the real reasons for such decisions, to indicate the real problems of the region. And to disclose the events which were starting points. And to disclose the real tragedy. And after that I believe that the government can make proper decisions.

What do you think Georgia's reaction will be?

I want to stress further that whole situation was due to unpredictible events from Saakashvili's regime. The resulting tragedy was started by the Georgian president.

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