Interview with Mitchel Barak

The world eyes a potential breakthrough in Israeli and Palestinian peace talks. Mitchel Barak, a Middle East Political Analyst in Jerusalem, told RT about the Israeli's concerns.

“Their main concern is the status of Jerusalem. Most Israelis don’t want it divided. Other questions are: ”Who Mahmoud Abbas represents?“, Will he be able to stop terrorism, backing peace talks with actual peace or will he be controlled by Hamas?” Barak commented.

“There is also another negative issue is the lack of support for the trio of main leaders in their own counties. In Israel two parties that are in coalition with Ehud Olmert, threaten to quit the government, insisting that the Jerusalem question is not for bargain”.

He also called attention to Saudi Arabia’s leadership in uniting the Arabic nations and involving them in the peace talks.

“Russia’s stepping up is also very significant”, Barak added.