Cyber attacks a cover for internet-censorship in US – radio host

Radio host Alex Jones sees the new steps to protect the US from cyber attacks as attempts to curb the freedom of speech.

A breeding ground for radicalisation and a possible launching site for a devastating attack on the US – that's how the Director of National Intelligence has described the Internet to Congress.

The house subsequently voted to spend hundreds of millions dollars to protect the nation from cyber attacks. But critics say the move could be aimed not at hackers, but at the right of freedom of speech.

Radio host Alex Jones sees the Congressional initiative as a fall into Hitlerian censorship.

“The system is discredited, the main stream media is going bankrupt as no one believes them any more about Climategate hoaxes, swine flu hoaxes, banker bailout hoax, healthcare hoax – so the government comes with net-surveillance in an attempt to set up the Internet too,” Jones told RT.