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5 Sep, 2008 09:45

Help and contacts info in South Ossetia

Help and contacts info in South Ossetia

Here in one place you can find all possible contacts to obtain information about relatives and others lost in the South Ossetian conflict. South Ossetia needs the help of all those ready to give it.

Help stations

Russian Red Cross

Financial aid and all necessary clothes (only new) for South Ossetia victims are being collected at the Russian Red Cross central office.
Address: Moscow, Cheremushkinsky proezd, 5. Everyday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

For all bank details for charitable contributions call the hotline in Moscow on
8-800-100-01-25, (8-499) 126-75-71, 126-85-90 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Bank details for charitable contributions towards the aid of the victims
Russian non-government organization Russian Red Cross
Legal Address: 117036 Moscow, Cheremushkinsky proezd, 5.
Fact address: 117036 Moscow, Cheremushkinsky proezd, 5

INN 7728014523
KPP 772801001
S/a 40703810000000338003
KB “LOKO-BANK” (JSK), Moscow
BIK 044585161
C/a 30101810500000000161

Members of the press can get information in RRC`s Press Dep. Tel. 8-499-126-84-01, 8-499-126-31-81, 8-499-126-75-71 or at RRC`s web-page – www.redcross.ru

The Head of Press Department – T. Klenitskaya

RF Federal Migration Service

RF FMS hotline, where victims' relatives can find out the location of forced migrants from South Ossetia – 8 (8672) 54-73-57

You can get detailed information about migrants from South Ossetia by calling the following hotlines:
8-867-2-51-84-14 8-867-2-51-61-15
8-867-31-3-14-80 8-867-32-3-39-46
8-867-33-9-16-97 8-867-34-3-12-04
8-867-35-5-01-24 8-867-36-3-69-02
8-867-37-3-69-00 8-867-38-2-47-35

Information on the hotlines is given to relatives only.

Bank details for charitable contributions for Georgia-South Ossetian conflict victims

Labour and Social Development Ministry
North Ossetia Republic. Alania
S/a 40410810860340000001
BIK 040702660
C/a 30101810600000000660

In North Caucasian Bank SB RF Stavropol
INN 1501003170
KPP 151501001
Welfare collection

Sberbank has opened a welfare collection account for humanitarian assistance to South Ossetia refugees.
Charitable contributions are not subjected to commission
Bank details
Bank Recipient
North Caucasian Bank SB RF JSK
BIK 040702660
C/a 30101810600000000660.
North Ossetia Republic Labour and Social Development Ministry, Alania
S/с 40410810860340000001,
INN 1501003170,
KPP 151501001.

Welfare collection in Russian Post offices. Everyone can make donations to the common account:
Ossetia R11, Alania
Republic Labour and Social Development Ministry РСО R11 Alania
Р/с 40410810860340000001
BIK 040702660
INN Bank 7707083893
C/a 30101810600000000660
North Caucasian Bank SB RF Stavropol

Moscow Government programme for the reconstruction of Tskhinval and aid of its citizens. Donation can be made to the special settlement account
s/a 40410810860340000001,
BIK 040702660,
c/a 30101810600000000660