Georgia is planning new provocations – Russian diplomat

The Georgian government is planning various provocative actions on the country’s border with South Ossetia, marking the anniversary of the August 2008 events, says Grigory Karasin from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“In such an explosive region, the developments could be unpredictable, that is why we are forced to consider various possible events,” Karasin told the journalists.

“Tbilisi is still conducting an information war against Russia, changing well-known facts for tactics of demagogic pressure.”

He doesn't think Georgia will use force this time, but doesn't exclude political provocations. Karasin, however, voiced concern over Tbilisi's plans to enforce it's military power.

“We are deeply worried about the Georgian government’s activity in remilitarizing the country, which is receiving a surprisingly calm and even positive response from some countries,” the diplomat pointed out.

“We will continue to impede the rearmament of Saakashvili’s regime and we will take concrete measures in this respect.”

Karasin reminded correspondents that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree “On the measures taken to prohibit the supply of military and double-purpose products to Georgia”.

The decree foresees the use of special economic measures in relation to nations, international organizations and individuals supplying military equipment to Georgia, Karasin said.