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5 Aug, 2010 02:23

EU could form into never before seen political entity – academic

The final form of the EU could possibly become a new type of state that hasn’t existed yet, shared Professor of Political Science Waldemar Skrobacki from the University of Toronto.

“The EU is a political force of significance. It is a little bit unusual because it does not have an army,” Skrobacki said. “It does not have all the usual requirements assigned to a state – because it is not a state, but it is as such quite influential and it has a presence in many corners of the world.”

“[The EU’s] significance is not based on its military power or the threat of using military power. It is not a political force that can be conceived in purely realistic terms, because realism is only partially applicable to the nature of the EU.”

Skrobacki believes that the EU comes out of every crisis with an accelerated integration process.

The professor does not believe in the fall of the euro simply because the resonance will shatter the whole world. Instead, it can serve as a guarantee to its stability.

If Russia wants to maintain good relations with the EU, it had better deal with the EU officials directly and not through the heads of states that form the EU, Skrobacki said.