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“Palestinian state in West Bank is death sentence to Israel” – Israeli MP

As the international community continues to negotiate peace in the Middle East, RT spoke with Israeli MP Aryeh Eldad whose controversial views include a proposal to deport Palestinians to Jordan.
“We object to creation of a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria in the West Bank and we try to push forward an alternative plan,” he said. Aryeh Eldad believes Palestinians will not be satisfied only with the territory of the West Bank.“You have to read the Palestinian charter – and I don’t mean Hamas, I mean the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization] that looks at Palestine as one land from the Mediterranean to the desert,” Eldad said. “That includes all the state of Israel and Jordan. And they are ready to fulfill their ideas in stages. If we give them the first stage in Judea and Samaria, they will take it, but for ever and ever they will be an ‘irredento’ that wants to expand.”Eldad added that the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is just a “symptom” of the global conflict between the Muslim and non-Muslim world.“Islam is a political religion that is forever an ‘irredento’ that wants to expand,” he said. “There is an excellent book written in 2000 by Samuel P. Huntington called ‘The Clash of Civilizations’. He realized the fact that among the 130-something military conflicts all over the world that were running at the time, about 125 were between Muslims and non-Muslims. And he coined the term “the borders of Islam are bleeding.” It is not the local problem here between Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land. It’s the problem of the borders of Islam with any non-Muslim state – in Africa, Asia, Europe, Russia, everywhere in the world. We suffer here [in the Middle East] from the local symptom of a global disease.”