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27 May, 2024 17:14

EU state’s FM claims Ukrainian men fear ‘certain death’

Hungary’s Peter Szijjarto has told reporters that Kiev’s main problem isn’t lack of weapons but shortage of manpower
EU state’s FM claims Ukrainian men fear ‘certain death’

Ukrainian men are running for their lives trying to escape their home country, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto claimed during a press conference on Monday. The official’s comments came following a meeting with EU counterparts that focused on military aid to Kiev.

In a statement aired by the M1 TV channel, he explained that Hungary, which has vetoed sending EU funds to Ukraine, remains opposed to providing more weapons and money to the war-torn country.

The minister pointed out that Ukraine’s main issue on the battlefield is not a lack of Western weapons, as Kiev has often suggested, but a lack of manpower.

“We see how Ukrainians want to escape from Ukraine, we see that they do not want to go to the front and face certain death,” Szijjarto said.

He went on to tell reporters that amid Kiev’s lack of success on the battlefield, a number of EU members are now proposing “increasingly crazier ideas,” such as sending their troops to Ukraine, or using Western weapons against targets in Russia.

Szijjarto warned that such proposals could have very dangerous and tragic consequences, stressing that Budapest vehemently opposes them, particularly ideas regarding mandatory conscription and the deployment of NATO troops to Ukraine.

“We understand exactly what this proposal refers to (...) Ukrainian casualties are becoming more and more unbearable, men are not being allowed out of Ukraine, and now they want to conscript European youth into the war,” he said, noting that young people from Central Europe, including Hungarians, would likely be the first to be sent to the front line, due to their geographic proximity.

“We do not want to see Hungarian people on the front line of the Ukrainian-Russian war, and we do not want Hungarian youth to be taken to Ukraine, because this is not our war, we have nothing to do with this war,” the minister stressed.

Earlier this month, Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary Zsolt Semjen announced that Budapest would not extradite back to Ukraine any refugees eligible for military service and “will not allow them to be sent to their deaths.”

“The Ukrainians want them to be handed over to be sent to the war, to the front line, where people are being killed. For that reason, those who fled to us from Ukraine are all safe, and we will not extradite them,” Semjen said.