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24 May, 2024 23:08

Ukraine to send staff officers into battle

The General Staff in Kiev will be “optimized” to cut 60% of its personnel
Ukraine to send staff officers into battle

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced on Friday that it intends to “optimize” its operations and release up to 60% of its current personnel to forward commands and combat units.

The headquarters conducted an efficiency survey earlier this year and decided it should do more with fewer people, the Planning Directorate head, Evgeny Ostryansky, wrote on Telegram.

“The plan is to use the released personnel to replenish the command and control bodies at the operational and tactical levels, as well as combat units,” Ostryansky said. “This will also allow for the rotation of units carrying long-term combat missions on the front line,” he added.

Kiev’s latest measure comes amid sweeping changes to mobilization rules aimed at raising enough combat troops to replenish losses in battle with Russia.

The age of conscription has been lowered to 25, most medical exemptions have been abolished, and the draft has been expanded to local and regional officials, previously exempt. Convicts have been promised parole if they enlist in the military. Ukrainians abroad have also been forced to register with the military if they want consular services, such as renewing passports and ID cards. 

Russia’s latest advance into Kharkov Region has forced Kiev to pull units from elsewhere to plug the gap. As a result, Russian forces have taken a series of towns previously held by Ukrainian troops, including all of the gains of Kiev’s 2023 summer offensive, which were modest to begin with.