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14 May, 2024 13:48

WATCH Russian drones destroy rare NATO-standard artillery in Ukraine

At least two 155mm 2S22 Bogdana howitzers were set ablaze by Lancet kamikaze UAVs in Kharkov Region, according to several clips on social media
WATCH Russian drones destroy rare NATO-standard artillery in Ukraine

Russian drones have taken out at least two Ukrainian self-propelled guns in Kharkov Region, which has become the scene of fierce fighting in recent days, according to several videos circulating on social media.

On Friday, the Russian Telegram channel Nordwind claimed that a Lancet kamikaze UAV had destroyed a brand new 155mm 2S22 Bogdana SPG near the settlement of Borshchevaya, some 20km north of Kharkov. These SPGs can use NATO-standard shells and hit targets up to 50km away.

According to Nordwind, Ukraine has only a few such SPGs, adding that this particular Bogdana managed to fire only one round before being destroyed.

The channel also released a video, filmed from above, showing the vehicle speeding down a rural road. The already stationary and battle-ready howitzer is seen firing a shot, with several Ukrainian gunmen scurrying around.

The SPG then takes a direct hit from what appears to be a Russian drone, with fire and smoke billowing from the vehicle. The fate of the gun crew is unclear.

However, this does not seem to be the only Bogdana SPG destroyed by Russian forces in Kharkov Region. Footage shared by the Telegram channel Archangel of Spetsnaz Z on Tuesday shows another Bogdana seeking shelter in a small wood grove surrounded by what appear to be infantry trenches or anti-tank ditches.

The grove is then hit by a drone, and a fire breaks out where the SPG had taken cover. The vehicle, already in flames, is then seen leaving its position and heading down the road, eventually stopping with the fire still raging.

Meanwhile, the Telegram channel Voenarcher suggested that Ukraine may have lost as many as three Bogdanas in the sector, referring to another video showing a smoldering SPG abandoned on the side of the road somewhere in Kharkov Region. It is unclear, however, whether this particular SPG was the same one seen in the previous videos or a new one.

Lancet drones, which were first unveiled in 2019, are being extensively used by Russian troops to target Ukrainian heavy armor. Both Western and Ukrainian officials have described the UAV as one of the most potent military tools in Moscow’s arsenal.

The videos of the destruction of Ukrainian howitzers come as Russia launched a series of attacks in Kharkov Region. Moscow has reported the capture of several settlements in the area. Ukraine has deployed reserves to the sector, but Kirill Budanov, the head of Kiev’s military intelligence, described the overall situation as “on the edge.”