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24 Mar, 2024 20:03

Moscow concert hall terror attack suspects brought before court (VIDEOS)

Four Tajik men apprehended after Friday’s massacre have been led in to face a judge amid tight security
Moscow concert hall terror attack suspects brought before court (VIDEOS)

A Moscow court convened late on Sunday to hear prosecutors' demands on pre-trial detention for a group of men detained in the aftermath of Friday’s Crocus City Hall attack, which claimed lives of over 130 people.

The suspects, all of whom are nationals of Tajikistan, appeared individually. Thus far, terrorism charges have been leveled against 32-year-old Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev, who faces a life sentence if found guilty. Prosecutors told Judge Timur Vakhrameev that the suspect had admitted his guilt. 

The court has opted to rule behind closed doors.

Footage from the scene shows the suspect confined to a glass enclosure in the courtroom. 

Mirzoyev, a father of four, has been placed in two-month pre-trial detention, which is standard practice in Russia for cases of this nature.

The second man, Saidakrami Rachabalizod, has also reportedly pleaded guilty. The father of one appeared with his right ear bandaged, having sustained an injury during his arrest. He has also been remanded in custody for two months. 

The court has also received petitions for the arrest of two more defendants – Muhammadsobir Fayzov and Shamsidin Fariduni. They too will remain in custody until May 22, the court said.